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Club Service Projects

August 2018

January 2016


“A Fun for A Cause”

Oceanus is an ordinary event when it is seen as a cultural, but it is extraordinary when it is seen for its cause.It was an event organized by 10 clubs together […]


    Nothing gives more happiness than enjoying life; Enjoyed the whole evening with games, music, dance and finally relished with a delicious dinner with all our club members and made it an unforgettable day.

    Name of Project: […]

    Smile Please

    Even food without salt tastes wonderful when we cook it, but it was really delicious the day we all cooked together and spent the whole day celebrating ourselves.

    Name of Project: Smile Please

    Project Date: 25th

    Project Venue: […]

    Nanga Pazhag Vandhom

    Nothing gives happiness more than the time we spend with our friends. We were together for nothing but to enjoy and with our friends and the family of President Rtr. Sheeba Lidiya at her home.

    Name […]